The Special Interest Research Group on Father-Child Attachment and Relationships (FCAR), affiliated with the Society for Emotion and Attachment Studies, brings together a diverse group of researchers interested in father-child attachment and relationships. The FCAR group intends to promote attachment research that goes beyond the study of mother-child relationships to consider the roles that other attachments (such as father-child attachment) play in positive child development. The FCAR group connects researchers to promote the exchange and discussion of ideas, theory, and methodologies to support the inclusion of fathers in attachment research with hopes of gaining a better understanding of father-child relationships and their role within the larger family system. Researchers from every discipline, country, and career stage are encouraged to join.

Psychology now urgently needs to pay more attention, in research as well as in theory, to the role of fathers in the socialization of children.

Michael E. Lamb, Fathers: Forgotten contributors to child development
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